Japanese Journalist: Nobody can stop this movement anymore — Even if police make controls, people will gather together — A revolution made by citizens

Ryusaku Tanaka’s Journal of June 22, 2012 translated by Dissensus Japan:

Earth Rumbling of “Oppose to the restart of nuclear power plant” “Hydrangea Revolution “in front of Prime Minister Office


Nobody can’t [sic] stop this movement anymore. Even if the police makes controls, people will gather together. Finally 45 000 people participated to the protest on June. (Issued by the promoter) It would not be strange if it becomes 100 000 people next time. Some protesters calledl this demonstration “Hydrangea Revolution” like the arabian spring was called the “Jasmine Revolution” . “Retire Noda!”, “Oppose to restart nuclear power plant!” were echoed all around PM’s Office and the congress hall. It will be the citizens surrounding PM’s Office which will depose PM Noda’s government, not by the rise in rebellion of Ozawa group. It’s already a revolution made by citizens.

Published: June 24th, 2012 at 8:58 am ET
By ENENews
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