-An untimely look at contemporary truths in resistance to a globalized post-industrial society-

<Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn – The Abduction of Proserpine (1631)>


Just a little note to say hi, and thank you to all who started to follow this report.  I spontaneously began a chronicle of events on Facebook on NYE, 2011, just as the ignoble Barack Obama signed the treasonous NDAA against not only America but every citizen of this Blue Planet.  I will be reporting on Fukushima, coverups, protests, and ideas critical to the revolution which was long in the making, ever since Socrates was poisoned by Hemlock by the authorities or possibly even before that.  My focus will be on the Platonic philosophical prejudices underlying neo-Illuminism,* or the esoteric radical pseudo-religious group who have usurped the project of the Enlightenment, the subject of my current project.  My realtime reports can be had on Facebook, and you are also welcome to follow me there as I have not started a Twitter yet.   Disavowing the spectres of hope and belief for truth and freedom, I will try to give the most accurate picture of events as I can until the work is done.

I look forward to sharing ideas with you, see you on the other side of freedom.



*From Plato’s Cave to The Heraclitean Revolution (Toronto, 2012)

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